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Hot Melt Adhesive Application in Various Aspects

The hot melt adhesives also called hot glue, thermoplastic adhesive, or Hot Melt, are composed of 100% solid thermoplastic materials at room temperature

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What Kind of Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Machine is Good

In different kinds of hot melt adhesive dispensing machine, we should choose the good ones. Thus, the machine will be in good application. Except that, many customers do not know how to judge and do not know what kind of hot melt dispensing equipment is good.

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How to Do the Maintenance Work of PUR Hot Melt Glue Machines

In the process of using PUR hot melt glue machine, doing maintenance work and take some protective measures is crucial. It will ensure the normal operation of equipment and the safety of operators.

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What Can Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Be Used for

Hot melt adhesives are those adhesives that operate at elevated temperatures. They are used in the form of a cartridge, bar, powder, granulate, net or sheet and do not contain solvents with the help of the Hot Melt Adhesive Machine.

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How to Choose a Hot Melt Adhesive Machine to Save Adhesive Volume

When it comes to the selection of hot melt adhesive machines, then probably you would be finding it in so many materials and options. You need to make a selection of the right machinery equipment to perform your task correctly.

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What is the Working Principle of the Hot Melt Glue Machine?

Hot melt adhesive machine is a comprehensive box which is without the hassle of a glue gun. This machine helps to improve the standard of productivity and overcome waste. It is a faster, efficient and the safest option rather than using a glue gun.

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How to Choose a Suitable Hot Melt Adhesive Machine?

If you are a new buyer and decide to have a check on melt machine, there is some amount of groundwork you will have to do at the initial stage. The market today is filled with several companies which are into offering hot melt glue machines.

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Why Hot Melt Glue Machine Can Apply To Widely Applications?

Hot melt glue machine is becoming popular with the progression of time. It heats the glue then applies it quickly. The glue generated from this machine becomes solid after cooling down. It is an efficient machine to bond diverse materials.

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Hot Melt Glue Machine Are Widely Used in Various Applications

Hot melt glue machine is of great importance. There was a time when only the printing industry was making use of it. Nonetheless, things have changed with time. Many other industries have started using it like automotive, construction, packaging, textiles, and manufacturing industries. This machine is multi-functional and space-saving. It is easy to move and efficient to use.

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Do You Know How Corrugated Paper Sheet Be Made

The corrugated paper sheet is one of the best and durable materials. The main component of this sheet is cardboard. This sheet is prepared with the help of a hot melt roller machine. The machine applies glue on the cardboard material to prepare the corrugated paper sheet.

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Do You Know How the Mattress Layers Be Glued?

The sponge bonding process in the mattress needs to be achieved with glue. Water-based glue is used in traditional processes but we do not recommend mattress manufacturers to use water-based glue.

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Difference Between the Hot Melt Gun with the Hot Melt Glue Machine?

The hot melt glue has many advantages due to which it is used by all companies and individuals. The individuals use it for the craft projects while the industries use it for assembling and manufacturing. The hot melt glue is applied with special bonding equipment. There are diverse machines through which you can use and apply hot glue.

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Which Applications Can Hot Melt Glue Machine Use?

Most people are not so familiar with hot melt glue machines but hot melt adhesives are applied in many things in our daily life. For example, small box sealing, packaging; handbag leather bags; small appliances, wires, connectors; audio, photo frame; logo labels; hardware fittings; paper products bonded and fixed etc.

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Do You Know About Desktop Type Hot Melt Dispensers?

The hot melt glue dispenser is a point coating operation of the glue by utilizing the characteristics of solid hot melt adhesive after heating to a molten state and then contacting the air to cool the surface and solidifying.

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Is the Hot Melt Glue Used in the Production of Diapers Really

From the first point above, the hot melt adhesive is non-toxic and tasteless and is an environmentally friendly chemical product whose physical state changes with temperature. Therefore, hot melt adhesive is used in the production of diapers and the formed glue is a production defect, which belongs to the after-sales range of the product, but it does not cause any harm to the human body.

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How to Use Hot Melt Glue Gun?

Hot melt glue gun is a very magical thing. It can be used to stick all kinds of things, such as plastic, foam or wood. It is an indispensable tool in our manual creation. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and is particularly convenient to use

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How Much Do You Know About PUR Hot Melt Adhesives?

While talking with others about PUR hot melt adhesives, I found that they don’t really understand PUR hot melt adhesives, and even the difference between PUR hot melt adhesives and hot melt adhesives was not particularly clear for them.

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What Is Hot Melt Adhesive?

Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic materials composed of stabilizers, additives, pigments and polymers. They are usually produced by hot melt glue machines and sold as solid, cylindrical rods or pellets. Sticks are melted and applied using a hot melt spray gun or sprayer.

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Analysis of Hot Melt Adhesive Application Equipment

Hot melt adhesive is usually a polymer adhesive that is solid at room temperature, heats and melts into a liquid, is applied, wets the adherend, and then is pressed and cooled to complete the bonding in a few seconds. Hot melt adhesive is composed of polymer matrix, tackifiers, waxes, antioxidants, plasticizers and fillers. It is solvent-free, 100% solids content, non-toxic, tasteless, and is known as " green adhesive ".

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Efficiency Improvement is Important for the Development of Hot Melt Adhesive Machines

In this era of rapid development, if we want to develop quickly, we must meet the needs of the market and improve work efficiency. For production equipment such as hot melt adhesive machines, only production efficiency can make it more effective. We often say that time is money, then efficiency is everything. This sentence has a very clear manifestation of the times we are in now. Only by focusing on efficiency and combining with the development of the market can hot melt adhesive machines go further in the market.

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A detailed explanation of the smoke problem during the use of hot melt bindery equipment!

Each hot melt adhesive machine has a capacity limitation. When the hot melt adhesive in the plastic box is not less than 1/3, it needs to be added. Hot melt adhesive machine can add glue during work, just need to open the glue box, you can add glue while working. People who use the hot melt adhesive machine equipment sometimes find that the phenomenon of smoke is a bad phenomenon, which needs to be resolved in time to avoid affecting the production of the hot melt adhesive machine.

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How to maintain hot melt adhesive machine

When making up hot melt adhesives, at least one third of the hot melt adhesives in the hot melt adhesive pot should be used to prevent the addition of glue when there is no hot melt adhesive in the hot melt adhesive pot, which affects normal production.

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Where To Find Reliable And Suitable Plastic Box Suppliers

Amongst the various cost-effective packaging materials, plastic seems to rank highest in terms of popularity and ease of access. Due to the high flexibility and ready availability of plastics, they are used in various sectors and organizations as a handy packaging material. When it comes to product packaging, plastics have become a dominant material for sectors such as beverages, food, apparel, consumer electronics, household care as well as personal needs.

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Take you out of the misunderstanding, is cold glue really cheaper than hot glue?

When you are a crafter with lots of materials to work with, one of the indispensable tools in your work kit is glue other known as adhesive. Be it a hot or cool glue, in order to work efficiently and seamlessly with these adhesives, another important tool you must have handy is a hot melt glueing equipment

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How to maintain hot melt adhesive spraying machine?

Maintenance of the hot melt adhesive spraying system not only aimed at ensure that the machine is kept safe and in standard working condition. It is also an important factor in maintaining the stability of the packaging machines and the efficiency of the production lines.

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Do you know the Features of PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine?

The hot melt adhesive machine is a very important equipment in the packaging industry. This unique machine is used in the packaging of a wide range of products. It works by actually sealing and laminating the product with a thin film of plastic under a controlled temperature. It is used in the packaging of a wide variety of products including those that are environmentally friendly.

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Does the hot melt adhesive machine produce static electricity? How to deal with it?

In the actual production of hot melt adhesive spraying machines, in order to increase the retention of fillers and improve the wet strength and water filtration of paper, some cationic additives (mostly polymer electrolytes) such as polyethyleneimine (Polyethylene-imine (PEI) and Cationic Starches. In this way, these cationic additives will react with certain negatively charged pollutant particles in the system, and they can also react with certain dissolved substances to generate electrostatic instability (static instability involves electric double layers, charge and adsorption theory, etc.).

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Precautions for PUR hot melt adhesive machine when changing glue

When the PUR hot melt glue machine is de barreled, the best way is to fill the 5 gallon hot melt glue barrel with dry nitrogen to avoid the direct use of dry compressed air. If the compressed air needs to be filled, the compressed air needs to be completely dried. And often check the use of desiccant.

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High-performance hot melt glue dispenser machine will become a new favorite!

In the past two years, a large number of industry-specific hot-melt glue dispenser machineseries, such as hot-melt glue dispenser machine, laboratory coater, intelligent glue sprayer, pet transparent box machine, have been developed and listed, representing a new round of industry-specific hot-melt glue dispenser machine will become a new favorite.

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Hot melt adhesive machine is widely used in automation equipment

There are automatic and manual hot-melt adhesive machines on the market. Manual hot-melt adhesive machines are used by hand with spray guns, which naturally requires labor. In some industries, the production scale is relatively large. The manual hot melt adhesive machine is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The use of automatic hot glue dispenser with automatic equipment can save a lot of labor and improve production efficiency.

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Hot glue guns: usage tips

If in DIY, the undisputed king is the drill, in crafts, the undisputed queen is the hot melt glue gun

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Ostar held the 2020 summer production safety conference

In order to further standardize the agenda of regular meetings strengthen the company's safety management, enhance employees' safety awareness

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Understanding the properties of the hot melt adhesives

The hot glue is a special type of thermoplastic adhesive that is basically administered through a range of cylindrical bars that differ in their diameters or in pellet form designed to be melted in an electric heating gun

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Applications of the Hot Melt Roller Machine

The hot melt roller machine has been applied in a wide range of industries where there is high need for adhesion or gluing of different materials. Typically, the hot melt roll coater working principle involves the application of an even coat of a selected hot melt adhesive onto a wide variety of substrates

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Options For Metered Hot Melt Glue Dispensers

Based on the questions that have been frequently asked about hot melt glue dispensers, this is a complete article for you

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Hot Melt Roller Machine Vs Hot Melt Spray Machine

When talking about the hot melt adhesive, the rapid advancement in technological innovations has paved a way for various application methods

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