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Hot melt glue gun series

OSD-manual gun

Can be sprayed, dotted, spiral.

nozzle nozzle diameter 0.2-2.5mm range.

It can rotate 360 degrees freely, and it can be glued in differentdirections.

Suitable for manual spray hot melt glue gun, free rotation angle,easy to operate.

Suitable for carton sealing, carton sealing, refrigerator assembly,automotive product assembly, etc.


OSD-20A Strip Gun

Active air-opening design, responsive and reliable.

Built-in high-density filter can reduce the downtime and production interruption due toclogged nozzles.

The use of imported high-temperature fluorine rubber seals, can be used in the hightemperature environment of high-speed gun body durable.

The size of the nozzle can be customized according to the user's requirements. The nozzlecan be replaced conveniently. If the nozzle is changed directly, different dispensing resultscan be achieved, which is suitable for the hot melt adhesive spraying requirements of variousflows.

Modular design, easy to achieve multiple gun combinations.

dispensing gun only need to change the different dispensing nozzle to achieve a singlespray, multi-point glue effect.


OSD-27A fibrous spray gun

Using the United States MAC solenoid valve, active air-opening, sensitive response speed.imported high temperature fluorine rubber seals.

precision nozzle design, reasonable and simple structure, easy to clean.Flexible nozzle combination, precise spray position.built-in filter, easy maintenance, simple and quick.

Spray adhesive glue is fine and uniform, with strong structural force. (minimum 5 gramsper square)

High-strength steel sheet preheating device ensures that the glue is not affected by theoutside temperature.

Can be customized according to customer's product of different size spray width (10-3000mm)


OSD-50 Scrape glue gun

The design of the precise and unique curved scraper greatly improvesthe working angle of the scraper.

Scraper is made of high wear-resistant materials, heat treatment,precision machining, no rust, durable wear.

According to customer requirements, adjust the different glue width andscraping amount (10- 2000mm).

The air-opening and air-locking module structure and the high temperature-input MAC solenoid valve can run at a frequency of 400 times per minuteto provide more accurate shutdown effects.

Unique filter design, good filtering effect, easier to clean and replace.Squeegee is not easy to block.


Adjustable width glue gun

The desígn of the precise and unique plane scraper greatly improves the squeegee effect.

Scraper is made of high wear-resistant materials, heat treatment, precision machining, no rust, durable wear,

According to customer's requirements, different glue spray width and squeegee dosage can be adjusted, and different widths ofsqueegee can be achieved without changing the copper sheet.

Separate control, easy manual operation, semi-automatic operation, automatic operation, automatic assembly line istatalaltion.Air-opening air-lock module structure and high temperature-input MAC solenoid valve are adopted.The operating frequency can reach 600 times/minute, providing more accurate shutdown effect.

Unique filter design, good filtering effect, easier to clean and replace, scrape mouth is not easy to plug.Hot-melt adhesive gun No wearing parts, no consumables, can be used for a long period of time.can be applied to woodworking coating, label tape, PVC film and so on.