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Difference Between the Hot Melt Gun with the Hot Melt Glue Machine?

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The hot melt glue has many advantages due to which it is used by all companies and individuals. The individuals use it for the craft projects while the industries use it for assembling and manufacturing. The hot melt glue is applied with special bonding equipment. There are diverse machines through which you can use and apply hot glue.

Difference Between Hot Melt Gun & Hot Melt Glue Machine

Difference between the hot melt gun with the hot melt glue machine?

There are two types of hot melted glue machines available in the market. One is known as the hot melt glue machine, and the other is recognized as the hot melt glue gun. Both can be used on the industrial scale. Each machine has its pros. It is a bit difficult for new companies to decide between the two. Some people do not even know the difference between these two machines. If you are one of them then no problem! We are going to explain the difference as follows.

Hot melt gun

A hot melt glue gun is a portable device that uses and distributes hot melt adhesives. The glue guns are present since 1939. Before that, companies were making use of water-based adhesives. These adhesives were neither strong nor long-lasting. In the beginning, the hot melt glue guns were utilized to bond the soles of the shoes. With time, people started using them for diverse items like fabrics and wood.

The hot melt glue gun could be handled by a single person. It has a design of the typical gun because of which it is known as a glue gun. The cleaning of this machine is a bit difficult as the design is not so simple. It is lightweight and does not involve any sections. This gun has only one nozzle. The tube is fixed in this gun. When the user presses the button on the gun, then the hot glue is injected from the nozzle. This bonding equipment does not have the capacity to handle big projects. The small or medium companies can make use of it from small projects. This equipment is readily available in the shops and stores.

Hot melt glue machine

With the help of latest technology, the manufacturers have introduced hot melt adhesive machine in the market. This machine has the ability to handle big projects. Unlike a hot glue gun, it provides strong and long-lasting bonding. It has a universal module. It is one of the best solutions for hot melted glue applications. This equipment does not require too much maintenance. It has a superior design and clear structure due to which it is easy to clean and manage.

Typically, the manufacturers are incorporating advanced hot melt technological innovation in the hot melt adhesive equipment. This innovation is able to work with diverse modules.

The modern machine has many nozzles through which glue is applied to the objects. This machine is heavyweight, so it is hard to move it. It is used on a large scale. This machine is available in the markets. When you go for the hot melt glue machine for sale, then you have to visit different manufacturers. Check out a wide range of these machines to pick the one that is suitable for you.