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What Can Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Be Used for

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Hot melt adhesives are those adhesives that operate at elevated temperatures. They are used in the form of a cartridge, bar, powder, granulate, net or sheet and do not contain solvents with the help of the Hot Melt Adhesive Machine

These glues melt at temperatures between 110 ° C (UHU LT 110 guns) and more than 220 ° C with other systems. The heat is applied directly to the glue joint or by means of a glue gun with which it is applied on pieces to be glued.

Hot Melt Machinery

Hot melt adhesive belongs to the group of hot application adhesives. It is a solid thermoplastic material at room temperature, which when applied in a liquid (molten) state adheres to the surface at the time of cooling below its melting point.

The main advantages of hot melt over other adhesives (such as water based or solvent based) are:

1, Being solid, it facilitates handling, storage and transport.

2, Its bond strength is instantaneous without drying or curing.

3, Does not require binding time.

4, Its high speed compared to other adhesives allows its use on porous and non-porous surfaces.

5, High performance faster production speed.

6, High precision of the glued union. Mechanical resistance and tolerance to chemical.

aggressions and extreme temperatures

There are a variety of hot melt applications in a variety of markets, including: construction, the automobile industry, packaging and textiles, among others.  

These features explain why binding books by hot melt glue machine is one of the best ways to ensure the strength and integrity of the cover as well as its durability. 

However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken when cleaning up the hot melt glue Machine.

Let’s take a look at them thus;


1, in the process of cleaning the hot melt adhesive machine, wear protective goggles and high temperature thermal gloves.

2, to ensure that the hot melt machine is completely cleaned, or that the residual carbon carbide enters the nozzle and is blocked again.

3, the actual use of temperature Follow the instructions of the hot melt machine about the recommended temperature.

4, as the production line temporarily closed more than 2 hours, adjust the tank temperature to about 130 ℃.

5, different grades of hot melt adhesive prohibited mixed use. 

6, during the production process, it is important to close the plastic tank cover and keep the scene clean. 

How to ensure the stability and durability of the hot melt Adhesive machine

1, select the PH value on the medium size hot melt adhesive. 

2, select the low potassium value of the bonding equipment.

3, select heat resistance is good, you can continue to heat the high stability of hot melt adhesive.

4, to avoid a large amount of hot melt adhesive in the barrel to make repeated heating cooling. Do not put too much glue in the plastic bucket.

5, non-hot melt adhesive other than lumps, debris in the plastic bucket.