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Take you out of the misunderstanding, is cold glue really cheaper than hot glue?

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 When you are a crafter with lots of materials to work with, one of the indispensable tools in your work kit is glue other known as adhesive. Be it a hot or cool glue, in order to work efficiently and seamlessly with these adhesives, another important tool you must have handy is a hot melt glueing equipment.


The importance and wide use of glue for various projects such as card making to even some DIY materials have made glue rise in popularity as well as forms in recent times.

This, however, has given crafters a wide range of glue which they can use for each type of work they are handling. With this at heart, it then follows that in other to get the expected result (I mean a good result), selecting the right type of glue for each project has to be done carefully.

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How Much Does Cool And Hot Glue Cost?

Well, when choosing the type of glue (either hot glue or cool glue), one factor which many crafters usually consider is the financial requirements for purchasing such glue.

However, despite the financial implication involved in purchasing a type of glue, one indisputable fact remains that some glue serves better for a particular task when compared to other glue.

By this, it won't be breaking news to read that hot melt glue are most suitable for creating a strong bond, fast tack and are most ideal for glueing heavier objects that require a stronger glueing power to hold each part together and in place.

One the other hand, cool glue are most suitable for delicate material such as papers, artificial flowers and light woods since such materials wouldn’t need a high bonding pressure to keep each part in place.

So, knowing that each glue (cool or hot) has its peculiarity as well as the type of materials or items it is best suited to glue, worrying so much or comparing the cost for each will be uncalled for.

However, despite the fact that both the hot glue and the cool glue have the unique price tag complementary to what they are meant for, it is also important to source for the glue of high quality.


Glueing Machine and Equipment?

Besides having the right glue (hot melt or cool) for your craftwork, another key tool which you must possess to give each project a Midas touch is a glueing machine.

Most importantly for a crafter who works more with the hot glue, a hot glueing machine is an indispensable tool to have in your kit.

Like you already know, a hot melt glueing equipment will give you the needed precision to direct glue to each spot and surface without having to litter the glue over the surface and trying to clean up your mess after the damage has been done.

However, although cool glue is not quick to dry up on surfaces when compared to the hot glue, there is still the need to own a glue gun or glueing machine to keep everything clean and professional.


Wrap Up

The question about whether cool glue is cheaper than hot glue seems unnecessary, especially when considering the peculiarity of each glue for specific materials and project.

However, despite the peculiarity of each of these glueing materials, there is a need to source for a quality glue (whether cool or hot) as well as a quality hot glueing machine for your projects. With this, you are sure to deliver an impressive craft design to your clients.