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How to maintain hot melt adhesive spraying machine?

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Maintenance of the hot melt adhesive spraying system not only aimed at ensure that the machine is kept safe and in standard working condition. It is also an important factor in maintaining the stability of the packaging machines and the efficiency of the production lines.

The hot melt spray system must be handled and maintained by highly trained personnel to avoid damage to the equipment, burn injuries, and fires hazards.

In this post, we will focus on the various applications of the hot melt adhesive spraying machine such as wrapping, sealing and more. However, parameters such as temperature and other maintenance requirements of the hot melt system is subject to the manufacturer’s standard and instructions, all of which are available in the user manual.

Hot Melt Adhesive Spraying Machine

Maintenance of the hot melt machine.

  1. There should be a monthly cleaning of the filter to avoid clogging

  2.  There should be a routing check for any abnormality or damage in the electrical connection in the interior of the machine. Ensure that all the electrical connections are thoroughly locked in. This should be done every six months.

  3. The hot melt machine should be thoroughly cleaned while replacing the molten filter annually.

  4. Only professionals and well trained experts who have good knowledge of the operations and performance of the machine should be permitted to casually disassemble and adjust any part of the hot melt adhesive machine

  5. Workers and operators should avoid putting on accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings and other conductive materials before carrying out any maintenance work. This is to prevent the risk of electric shock.

  6. It is also recommended that you stand on a non-conductor material such as plastic blanket during the repair and maintenance work. This is geared towards eliminating possible accidents from electrocution. Also, avoid carrying out any maintenance work on the hot melt spray system in a high moisture or flooded environment.

  7. Ensure that the power supply to the system is cut off before removing or adjusting the protective device on the machine. This is necessary to eliminate the risk of electric shock.

  8. The pressure of the gas source should be determined before installing or loosening the pressure joint. It should be reduced to the zero value to avoid any injury from pressure spilling.

  9. Personal protective equipment such as goggles, safety gloves and coveralls (long-sleeve), should be worn when carrying out maintenance and repair of the hot melt adhesive spray machine. This will help to prevent exposure of any part of the body to high temperatures of the liquid and any heated component of the machine which could lead burn injury.

  10. The hot melt spray system shouldn’t be operated when there is a leakage in the air pressure. Before carrying out the maintenance work, you need to cut off power supply, and reduce the operating pressure to the zero value.

  11. Sharp hard tools and fireworks should be avoided as much as possible when cleaning the hot melt glue melt cylinder. This is to avoid causing any scratch to the interior of the non-adhesive iron Teflon coating.