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Applications of the Hot Melt Roller Machine

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The hot melt roller machine has been applied in a wide range of industries where there is high need for adhesion or gluing of different materials. Typically, the hot melt roll coater working principle involves the application of an even coat of a selected hot melt adhesive onto a wide variety of substrates. Here, an applicator is used for the hot melt adhesive. 

Hot Melt Roller Machine

The machine is rightly designed to ensure that there is uniform application of the adhesive onto the material. It can be seen as a replacement for the rather hot melt glue guns as it takes less down time. Another brilliant feature of the hot melt roller machine is the increased throughput it offer for virtually any form of combinations of the hot melt adhesives and the materials. 

There is a wide range of hot melt roller machine manufacturers. However, when making your choice, you need to ensure that you liaise with a firm that supplies the solutions you need for your business or services. At OUSHIDA, we offer hot melt adhesives that are excellent for their ability to form a bond quickly as soon as they are cooled. This is in addition to their reliability and exceptional quality. Also, the prominent benefit of our machine is that it is compatible with a wide range of materials, so you don’t have to worry so much about what material it works on. You don’t have to be super skilled before you operate the machine as it is super easy to learn. Maintenance of our hot melt roller machine is quite easy to achieve too. 

Our pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives do not get hot to touch as soon as the adhesives are applied. So, you can be sure of your safety from possible burns. 

Let’s look at some of the features of the hot melt adhesive applicator.

It is equipped with an electronically controlled thermostat which is responsible for providing the variable temperature control. In addition to the variation of the temperature, the roller speed is also variable. With the temperature and the speed controls, the user is sable to adjust the hot melt adhesive machine for his specified use. 

In addition to this feature, the applicator is designed with a motor lock-out switch which is responsible for preventing the motor from any possible damage when it is turned on before the adhesive gets molten. In addition, there is also an optional Pressure Bar attachment which is designed for the materials that are relatively thick, up to 1.3cm. 

In the absence of the attachment, it means that the operator would have to manually move the item to be glue over the glue roller. 

The hot melt adhesive machine is ideal for the application of the hot melt adhesives onto flat surfaces. It is also appropriate for gluing foams, corrugated build-up, and foam to corrugated build-up in the case of protective packaging. 

While the hot melt roller machine is a heavy-duty machine designed to be used consistently, daily and even years in the factory considering the glue tank that holds a large volume of the hot melt.