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How to maintain hot melt adhesive machine

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1 Maintenance of hot melt adhesive machine

1.1 Daily maintenance content

  1. Ensure that the surface of the hot melt adhesive host is clean;

  2. Keep the hot sol clean and free of pollution, and prevent the filter from being blocked;

  3. Clean the carbides on the surface of the spray gun;

  4. The foreign glue in the branch seat is discharged through the drain valve.


1.2 Maintenance procedures every six months

  1. Check whether the electrical connection inside the hot melt adhesive host is damaged or abnormal;

  2. Confirm whether all electrical connectors are locked;

  3. Clean the impurities and water in the air filter;

  4. Clean the dust in the electrical box;

  5. Confirm that all electrical connections are fixed;

  6. Check whether there is leakage of glue in all hydraulic joints.

Hot Melt Adhesive Machine

2. Melter device

  1. When installing a hot melt glue machine, it is necessary to connect a correct and useful ground wire. Any equipment that uses high voltage electricity needs a ground wire. When the ground wire is not used, any hot melt adhesive machine with insulation maintenance components may still form a voltage conductor and risk of electric shock.

  2. According to the load required by the hot melt adhesive machine and its peripheral equipment, check whether the power cord used is following the regulations for insulation maintenance. The load of the wire must be higher than the rated power of the hot melt glue machine.

  3. Ensure that the voltage from the outside to the hot melt adhesive machine is suitable for the hot melt adhesive machine itself, such as single-phase 220v voltage standard hot melt adhesive equipment. If the 380V power supply is used, the hot melt adhesive spraying equipment will be damaged, such as single phase 220v If the hot melt adhesive equipment with voltage standard is lower than 220V, it cannot reach the design function of the equipment, or the hot melt adhesive machine may be damaged. When wiring, make sure that its power cord is correctly connected to the location of the external circuit breaker.

  4. Ensure that the glue machine for sale operates at the specified voltage. If the applied voltage is different from the specified voltage, the hot melt adhesive machine may be burned.


3. Melter operation

  1. Prevent hot melt adhesives from operating around vaporized and explosive raw materials or gases. Do not store flammable and explosive items around hot melt adhesive spraying equipment.

  2. Do not operate the hot melt adhesive machine without proper maintenance device, outstanding insulators or outstanding maintenance panel. When maintenance is required, it can only be disassembled and repaired by professional training personnel.

  3. Do not operate the hot melt adhesive machine in the surrounding environment where the temperature is lower than 0 ° C and the temperature is higher than 50 ° C.

  4. Try to use it in the place without fast moving air. When the hot-melt adhesive nozzle assembly is exposed to the fast-circulating air, the rapid cooling will affect the hot-melt adhesive flow of the nozzle assembly and it is prone to stringing.

  5. When making up hot melt adhesives, at least one third of the hot melt adhesives in the hot melt adhesive pot should be used to prevent the addition of glue when there is no hot melt adhesive in the hot melt adhesive pot, which affects normal production.