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High-performance hot melt glue dispenser machine will become a new favorite!

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In the past two years, a large number of industry-specific hot-melt glue dispenser machine series, such as hot-melt glue dispenser machine, laboratory coater, intelligent glue sprayer, pet transparent box machine, have been developed and listed, representing a new round of industry-specific hot-melt glue dispenser machine will become a new favorite. With the concept of protecting the environment and cherishing resources becoming more and more popular, the application of hot-melt adhesive machine is more and more extensive, among which the environment-friendly characteristics such as high solid content, solvent-free, water-based and light curing of adhesive will be paid more and more attention, high-performance environmental friendly adhesive will become a new favorite in the market, and multi-functional hot-melt adhesive machine will also become a new favorite.

In recent years, China's hot melt adhesive machine industry has made great progress, and the application of products has also been expanded to the fields of construction, automobile, electronics, home appliances, woodworking, paper products and packaging, shoemaking, transportation, aerospace, medical and health care, etc. At present, the domestic market demand for hot-melt glue machines is diversified. The annual growth rate of general-purpose hot-melt glue machines is 8%, that of high-performance and high-quality hot-melt glue dispenser machines is 12%, and that of special hot-melt glue dispenser machines is more than 20%. Therefore, hot melt adhesive machine manufacturers should increase investment in science and technology, and actively develop new products with high performance and high quality.


 hot-melt glue dispenser machine

Let's talk about hot melt adhesives such as acrylic adhesive and adhesive tape, modified PVAc emulsion, silicone PSA and adhesive tape, modified epoxy resin adhesive, waterborne neoprene adhesive, polyester and polyamide hot-melt adhesive, high grade medical pressure sensitive adhesive and products, epoxy structural adhesive used in electronic and electrical and aerospace fields, and new modified epoxy resin adhesive. New needs. The phenomenon of oversupply of general-purpose medium and low-grade products in China's adhesive industry is still very serious, and the market competition is more intense. These products mainly include: acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for BOPP film and paper-based; EVA hot-melt adhesive (medium and low speed) for book wireless binding, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and its label, neoprene adhesive, common silicone sealant, etc. High performance, high-quality and special adhesives and sealants in great demand need to be imported from abroad due to high technology content, complex production process and equipment, and high quality requirements. At present, some of the main raw materials and related auxiliaries used in the production of adhesives in China are in short supply, unable to be produced or the product quality and performance sometimes fail to meet the user's requirements, such as EVA, SIS, PA resin used in the production of hot-melt adhesive and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, TPU resin for shoes, most or part of which are imported from abroad, which also needs to be further accelerated.


In the past two years, a large number of industry-specific hot-melt glue sealing machine series, such as hot-melt glue sealing machine, laboratory coater, intelligent glue sprayer, pet transparent box machine, have been developed and listed, representing a new round of industry-specific hot-melt glue machine will become a new favorite.