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Hot Melt Adhesive Application in Various Aspects

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The hot melt adhesives also called hot glue, thermoplastic adhesive, or hot melt, are composed of 100% solid thermoplastic materials at room temperature which, when hot (from temperatures of 70 ° C) gradually melts, becoming a ready-made pasty fluid to apply on the objects to join.

Its main advantage is the fast and solid bond it creates between materials. However, if the materials to be joined are going to be subjected to high temperatures, the adhesive is melted again since it is a thermoplastic material; hence, the materials become detached.

Hot Melt Adhesive Machine

However, when it cools, it does not change its chemical structure, so it makes joints of high cohesion, resistance, and elasticity. It combines materials of virtually any type, such as metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, glass, cardboard, packaging, binding, etc. In addition to surface adhesion, hot melt adhesives can be used to fill holes, due to their high viscosity.

Hot melt adhesive equipment

The ideal equipment for a wide range of hot melt adhesives it the hot melt glue machine. It is integrated with accurate temperature control and a high-precision K-type temperature sensor. It consists of a progressive pre-heating melting tank design to provide the first melt. There is a Teflon anti-stick coat which is aimed at reducing any condition of plastic carbonization while also reducing energy consumption. 

The hot melt glue machine is designed to maintain the best quality of glue and to increase the efficiency of the hot melt adhesive application. 

The hot melt adhesive machine uses a continuous work heating resistor to melt the plastic glue. The application temperature ranges from 120ºC to 215ºC, depending on the application to which it is intended. However, almost all are normally applied at 195 ° C.

Depending on the components of the adhesive, the time during which the adhesive can be handled without losing any adhesion ranges from 1 second to 60 seconds.

Let’s look at some of the applications of the hot melt adhesives

The hot melt adhesive has multiple applications, both at home and in the industry:

  •  Glued carpets, tiles, parquets, doors, furniture.

  •  Seals, in sinks, bathrooms, sinks.

  •  Repair of ceramic, plastic, or metal objects.

  •  Repair of toys, shoes, armchairs, etc.

Today, you can access a wide range of hot melt glue machines for sale. But you need to be sure of one that is appropriate for your immediate needs.

Advantages of hot melt adhesives:

It does not dry out or age.

The adhesive is strong and effective in seconds.

Fast application, which saves costs, time, and energy.

It does not contain toxic or volatile substances.

Safety when using the hot melt glue machine:

Despite the completely harmless appearance of the hot melt glue machine, minimum safety measures must be taken into account when using this tool:

It is a powered tool so, as there is a risk of electric shock, we must proceed with the same precaution as with any other power tool.

In addition to the knowledge you’ve obtained from this piece, you also stream hot melt glue machine videos to have a more practical idea.