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Options For Metered Hot Melt Glue Dispensers

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Based on the questions that have been frequently asked about hot melt glue dispensers, this is a complete article for you.

Hot Melt Glue Dispensers

This article covers several ways you can control the rate of hot melt dispensed using various tools. 

Some of such tools include the standard hot melt guns, bulk equipment and pneumatic guns.

However, for your high-quality hot melt glue dispensers, you need to contact a reliable hot melt glue manufacturer.

Ways you can control the rate of hot melt glue dispenser include;

Option 1: Stationary Dispensing

The Sure-bonder stationary pneumatic hot melt applicator is mainly designed for a particular purpose. The purpose is for hands-free assembly applications.

It has an adjustable temperature, adjustable air pressure regulator, a shot timer, foot pedal for on-demand gluing, and 2-pound melt tank.

The shot timer on Sure-bonder stationary hot melt applicator can dispense accurately the same amount of hot melt each time the foot pedal is compressed.

In dispensing peel-able pressure-sensitive adhesive and EVA based hot melt, the stationary system is very suitable.

Option 2: Automated Bulk System

A customized hot melt dispensing system can sometimes be required when there is a large amount of hot melt to be dispensed.

In that case, set up an automated bulk system for a large volume hot melt dispensing will be the appropriate way to go about it. 

Some of the needed accessories can be gotten from the bulk hot melt glue dispensers’ manufacturer for spare parts and supplies.

Option 3: Pneumatic Guns with Bench Mount, Foot Pedal and Timer

Pneumatic hot melt guns are powered by air and can be connected with bench mounts and foot pedals for hands-free application. 

Regularly, assembling of the product requires proper control of how hot melt is applicable. The foot pedal system offers a wide solution to this problem.

There are top glue guns with the capacity of utilizing bench mounts and foot pedals. 

When a timer so added to the pneumatic systems, it provides an additional level of control over adhesive level.

However, good timers and bench mount kit for the various type of systems are present in Power Adhesive.

Option 4: Stroke Adjustment

The hot melt glue dispenser has a stroke adjustment on the handheld and it allows you to vary the rate of hot melt adhesive you get for each trigger squeeze. 

Although, this is not the exact dispensing technique it allows the users to adjust how much hot melt is applied with each and every trigger pull. 

There are various hot melt glue dispensers that the stroke adjusters which can be gotten when you have the right link with hot melt glue dispensers’ manufacturer.


There are several ways you can control the rate of hot melt dispensed using various tools. 

Such tools include standard hot melt guns, bulk equipment and pneumatic guns, and others.

These various hot melt glue dispensers can easily be gotten when you contact a reliable hot melt glue dispenser manufacturer for supplies.