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How to Do the Maintenance Work of PUR Hot Melt Glue Machines

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In the process of using PUR hot melt glue machine, doing maintenance work and take some protective measures is crucial. It will ensure the normal operation of equipment and the safety of operators. Quite a few customers do not know how to do the routine maintenance work during the using of PUR hot melt glue machine.


So how exactly to do daily maintenance? What are the specific ways to do it?

Let's take a look at some basic points.


Firstly, before we begin the daily maintenance,we should cut general power. During the examine  process of maintenance,we should check all parts. Some parts might need to be disassembled. If the electricity was not be cut off, there would be a great possibility that unexpected accidents happen. Therefore, it would be much more safely for us with power off.


In addition to that, operators must not wear earrings, watches and other accessories. With those widgets, conductive problems are more likely to occur. Some other dangerous accidents will also happen. As a professional maintenance personnel,we ought to deeply realize those aspects.


If you are not a professional maintenance personnel who has wealthy relevant knowledge and experience, please ask for help from our engineers.


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