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Do You Know How the Mattress Layers Be Glued?

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The sponge bonding process in the mattress needs to be achieved with glue. Water-based glue is used in traditional processes but we do not recommend mattress manufacturers to use water-based glue.


The reasons are as follows: water-based glue has a large odor and the irritating odor has great harm to the human body, which is not environmentally friendly. It requires long bonding time and is difficult to store; The exported mattress needs to be compressed and the water-based glue is easily penetrated the sponge once it is compressed.


Hot Melt Roller Machine

Then which kind of glue should we use?

It is often seen in news that formaldehyde-induced leukemia is harmful to human health. This is mainly in contact with some commodities containing formaldehyde in our daily life. For example, wood panels, home appliance furniture, sofas, mattresses, cars, etc. This is caused by the presence of formaldehyde in the adhesive used in the assembly of these products. Therefore, these products have been gradually coated with environmentally friendly hot melt adhesives with the development of technology. Thanks to advanced hot melt roller machines, we can use environmental-friendly glue in mattress now.


The advantages of using hot melt roller to glue mattress layers:

1. Hot melt adhesive is made of pure resin. It is free of formaldehyde, pollution-free and odorless. It meets international environmental protection standards and can keep away from formaldehyde.

2. The spray area of the mattress and the sofa is relatively large and it is not necessary to apply full glue on both sides as in the conventional way. We just need to spray a thin layer on one side like a wire mesh and passes lightly over it, which can save a lot of glue. The adhesive strength of hot melt glue is also relatively better, so there is no need to worry about loose-stickiness, dropping frequency etc.

3. Used for adhesion between mattress layers, the hot melt roller machine has the features of good spray effect, smooth construction, no drawing, strong adhesion, good cold resistance and temperature resistance, suitable opening time and curing time (convenient for workers to combine layers during secondary alignment).


The hot melt roller equipment is to melt the solid hot melt glue into a liquid state by using the high temperature. The liquid pressure water is transferred through the hot melt hose and the hot melt gun through the pressing device and the program control system.


The features of hot melt roller Machine

1.  Innovative design, upper wheel seat, up and down floating and pressure adjustment, hard front and low back material can be glued

2.   Special design: the roller can be made into a dot shape, strip and mesh glue operation

3.  European design: the glue tank is easily changed by Teflon treatment and the temperature is adjusted according to the characteristics of the melt glue which can effectively prevent the carbonization of the hot melt adhesive. The motor of the machine can also be controlled by a frequency converter and the speed can be adjusted steplessly.


The working principle of the hot melt roller machine is very simple and the structure is compact. It is suitable for flat adhesive bonding in various industries. It is easy to operate and meets environmental protection requirements and improves work efficiency. It is an extremely economical machine.