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Is the Hot Melt Glue Used in the Production of Diapers Really

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 Diapers Machine

What is hot melt adhesive?

Hot Melt Adhesives is a plasticity adhesive. Its physical state changes with temperature in a certain temperature range but its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is non-toxic and tasteless and is an environmentally friendly chemical product. The product itself is solid, easy to package, transport, store, solvent-free, non-polluting, non-toxic and simple production process, high added value, high bonding strength, fast speed, etc.

Why use hot melt adhesive for diapers?

The production process of diapers is a relatively complicated combination process, which is composed of surface non-woven fabric, water-absorbing core, PE composite base film, magic buckle and front waist sticker, anti-side leakage non-woven fabric, rubber band and other materials. The combination of the above various materials is bonded by hot melt adhesivewhich is the production process of all current diapers. 

Where does the glue on the diaper come from?

In the process of using hot melt glue, we need to use the glue machine. There are two kinds of glue application methods, one is spray glue and the other is scrap glue. These two methods use spray gun and scraper gun. After several holes of the spiral are used to blow out the gas at a set pressure, the glue pressed out from the glue hole in the middle of the air hole is spirally sprayed on the surface of the material to be composited and then passed through a series of pressure rollers. The materials are firmly combined. 

Can the glue be avoided appearing in the diaper?

The formation of the glue is because the stomata of these spirals are clogged during the production process. After the glue is pressed out of the pipe, it is not subjected to the action of the spiral gas and the glue drops in a certain period and fall into the product. This probability is actually very small, which can be calculated with the probability of even a few minutes or even a few tenths of a million, but because the glue just dropped into the product is white and the surface of the product cannot form an effective color difference, now even some large factories use the advanced stain visual inspection system is not 100% eliminated.

Is the glue harmful to babes?

Does the glue harm the human body? From the first point above, the hot melt adhesive is non-toxic and tasteless and is an environmentally friendly chemical product whose physical state changes with temperature. Therefore, hot melt adhesive is used in the production of diapers and the formed glue is a production defect, which belongs to the after-sales range of the product, but it does not cause any harm to the human body.