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Do You Know About Desktop Type Hot Melt Dispensers?

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The hot melt glue dispenser is a point coating operation of the glue by utilizing the characteristics of solid hot melt adhesive after heating to a molten state and then contacting the air to cool the surface and solidifying. When using a hot melt glue machine, it is necessary to know and master the various types of hot melt adhesives and different technical performance parameters. Different types of hot melt adhesives have different opening, curing and cooling time. The entire process of dispensing must be completed within the opening time of the hot melt adhesive. The difference with the ordinary dispenser is that there is an additional heating device. This kind of bonding equipment effectively ensures the smoothness of the glue and can be produced normally.

Desktop Type Hot Melt Dispensers

Desktop type hot melt adhesive dispenser features:

1. Chinese Handheld LCD screen operation, easy to program, easy to learn and understand;

2. With drawing points, lines, faces, arcs, circles. Irregular curve continuous tween and other functions to achieve any 3D non-planar trajectory path;

3. Rich teaching functions. Support advanced functions such as array, 3D ellipse, common graphics library insertion, group editing, etc.

4. Large capacity 2G high-speed Mini SD file memory, can store 999 dispensing process files;

5. The amount of glue size, glue speed, dispensing time, glue stop time can be parameterized;

6. With the special dispensing controller, the amount of glue is stable, the glue is clean, and the glue is not leaked;

7. It has automatic anti-cure function, which effectively prevents the glue from solidifying and clogging the needle, and has anti-drawing function;

8. Optional glue preheating function, greatly shortening the glue changing time;

9. Use RKC temperature control table to control temperature, temperature control: ±1 °C;

It is applicable to various brands of PUR hot melt adhesives such as Loctite 3542, Fule 9464, 3M 2665, ITW 94167 and used in mobile phone case, notebook case, sports bracelet, smart watch etc.


The hot melt adhesive machine is different from the traditional manual glue operation mode, which has more efficient working efficiency and ensures good glue dispensing accuracy and error-free leakage, which can guarantee its quality. If it is manual operation in the actual production work,it will take a long time and effort. It can greatly reduces the production efficiency and production time of the product. It can effectively reduce the probability of error, because its program is operated according to the set parameters and it can automatically complete all the dispensing work, thus reducing labor and production costs. In this case, the production efficiency and product quality will also be greatly improved.