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How to Use Hot Melt Glue Gun?

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Hot melt glue gun is a very magical thing. It can be used to stick all kinds of things, such as plastic, foam or wood. It is an indispensable tool in our manual creation. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and is particularly convenient to use.

Here we are going to introduce its use and some precautions.

Hot Melt Glue Gun

As shown in the picture, this is a 40W hot melt adhesive gun. The method of using it is very simple, just insert the glue stick and then power on to warm up. When the preheating is completed, you only need to press the trigger slightly to have hot melt adhesive squeeze out. It is very easy to use, but there are still some things that users need to pay attention to.

  1. Most glue guns on the market use 220V AC power, so you must pay attention to the safety of electricity.

  2. Do not apply glue immediately after plugging in the power, because the glue stick in the hot melt adhesive gun has not yet started to melt and is still solid. If you press the trigger forcibly, the glue be squeezed out and glue gun may be damaged.

  3. The principle of hot melt glue gun is to melt the glue stick by heating, and then squeeze it out of the nozzle. It should be noted that the temperature of the nozzle is not to be burned at high temperature and the temperature of the glue just after extrusion is also high. High-power glue guns need more attention.

  4. The glue must be bonded in time after extrusion, otherwise the glue cannot be bonded after it has cooled.

  5. It’s better to use different glue sticks for different glue guns. There are two kinds of glue sticks with diameters of 7MM and 11MM. It should be noted that the two cannot be mixed.

  6. After using, be sure to turn off the power in time and store it after the nozzle has cooled down.

For manual production, the choice of the glue gun is not too particular. The 7MM glue stick nozzle with low power generally has a low temperature and it is not easy to burn the things to be glued. The high-power glue gun has a shorter warm-up time. There is also a little knowledge about glue sticks. Yellow sticks have better adhesion, white is next, and worst is black and others.