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Hot melt hose series

OSD-26A hot melt hose

The inner liner adopts imported Teflon tube, which has good flxbilityanti-sticking and high temperature resistance (Lp to 300 degrees), which cangreatly reduse the cartoniz ation ohenomenon;

Using American heating wire and high temperature resistant wire, theheater is evenly wrapped around the outer wall ol the throat, with goodinsulation and uniform heat condution and high temperature resistance:Use high-quality insulation materials to ensure that the throat insulationperformance.

Good bandirg performanco, foldirg rasistance, ralying on high-quality materials, constant ha ating wira and high tomparatura rosistantwre, and reasonable processingtechnology design, the maximum bendingradius can reach 30cm., Length and other related parameters can be manufac:ured according to customer recuirementscan be customized acording to user neds applied to all the world's hot melt adhesive machine.

Temperatures Ensing FashionNi120/PT100/K@ Ni120/PT10O/K type
Linker(imported)Wеіdmüllеr (іmроrtѕ)
Lnsulating Pipe(imported)Teflon hose (import)
BuildinMinimum bending radíus 300mm
PracticabilityCan be used with a variety of brand melters