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Analysis of Hot Melt Adhesive Application Equipment

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Hot Melt Adhesive Overview


Hot melt adhesive is usually a polymer adhesive that is solid at room temperature, heats and melts into a liquid, is applied, wets the adherend, and then is pressed and cooled to complete the bonding in a few seconds. Hot melt adhesive is composed of polymer matrix, tackifiers, waxes, antioxidants, plasticizers and fillers. It is solvent-free, 100% solids content, non-toxic, tasteless, and is known as " green adhesive ".


Hot Melt Adhesive Machine

Hot melt adhesive market analysis

Global hot melt adhesive market size

  1.  Hot melt adhesive has always been one of the fastest growing types of adhesives: in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the proportion of hot melt adhesives in total adhesive production has increased from 20% in 1998 to 40% in 2010.

  2. The hot melt adhesive market in developed regions is concentrated to a few large companies: Henkel, Fuller and others have become world leaders in the hot melt adhesive industry, occupying more than half of the global hot melt adhesive market share.

  3. It is expected that the market size from 2013 to 2019 will increase from USD 3.776 billion to USD 5.014 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 5% Chinese hot melt adhesive industry.


Outlook for hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive in line with the adjustment of the adhesive industry structure, which is usually produced by hot melt gluing machine.


Adhesive development trend

  1. The demand for adhesive products in traditional areas such as construction, decoration, packaging, labeling and woodworking will still maintain a high growth rate.

  2. The development of emerging industries such as solar wheels, wind power generation, composite flexible packaging, and transportation, electronics, precision instruments, aerospace and other industries will further promote the development of adhesive products in the direction of environmental protection, high technology and further increase the demand for such adhesive products.


Hot melt adhesive market status

The sales slowed down in 2014 and overcapacity in low-end products was severe. The market is fierce in price competition, technical innovation is more difficult, and benefits are reduced. After undergoing a period of rapid development, the hot melt adhesive industry has entered a mature and transformation stage. Hot melt bindery equipment also needs to own better production performance. Biodegradable hot melt adhesive is one of the possible breakthroughs for hot melt adhesive in the future. Traditional hot-melt adhesives cause greater harm to the environment due to their non-degradable structure; biodegradable hot-melt adhesives have a large potential market due to their compound environmental protection concept.