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What Is Hot Melt Adhesive?

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Hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic materials composed of stabilizers, additives, pigments and polymers. They are usually produced by hot melt glue machines and sold as solid, cylindrical rods or pellets. Sticks are melted and applied using a hot melt spray gun or sprayer.


Hot-melt adhesive components

Hot melts adhesive consists of three main components: high molecular weight polymers, adhesives and plasticizers.

  1. Polymer as the main adhesive.

  2. Tackifier or resin provides more adhesion and wetting properties.

  3. The ability of plasticizers (wax or petroleum) to control viscosity and small machinery is easy to dispense.


Advantages of hot melt adhesive

The excellent combination of hot-melt adhesives and the application of fast adhesion make hot-melt adhesives particularly suitable for multi-functional packaging applications. Hot melts have a much longer shelf life than solvent adhesives. 


The product itself is solid, convenient for packaging, transportation, storage, solvent-free, pollution-free and non-toxic; and the production process is simple, high added value, high bonding strength and fast speed.

Hot Melt Adhesive Machine

Hot melt adhesive features:

  1. Hot melt glue stick has the advantages of high strength, aging resistance, non-toxicity, good thermal stability and so on. It can be used for wood, plastic, fiber, fabric, metal, furniture, lampshade, leather, crafts, toys, electronics, electrical components, paper products, ceramics, pearl cotton packaging and other sticky solids. It can be widely used in factories and households.

  2. The hot-melt adhesive stick is white and opaque (strong type), non-toxic and easy to operate. It has the characteristics of fast bonding, high strength, aging resistance, non-toxic, good thermal stability, and toughness of the film, etc., without carbonization during continuous use.

  3. Its shape is stick, granular. Low temperature resistant hot melt adhesive is suitable for hot melt glue gun. It’s used for bonding wood, paper products, fiber products, leather, metal, plastic, especially suitable for export and high and cold areas, low temperature areas, good viscosity.

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