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Which Applications Can Hot Melt Glue Machine Use?

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Most people are not so familiar with hot melt glue machines but hot melt adhesives are applied in many things in our daily life. For example, small box sealing, packaging; handbag leather bags; small appliances, wires, connectors; audio, photo frame; logo labels; hardware fittings; paper products bonded and fixed etc.

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1.Home appliance industry

In recent years, the continuous development of the home appliance industry has become more and more demanding on the appearance and function of home appliances. The rational application of adhesives can not only meet the needs of product design but also have an obvious effect on improving production efficiency and reducing overall costs. The hot melt adhesive machine is also widely used as a sealing adhesive device in the production of home appliances. The main role of hot melt adhesives in the home appliance industry is bonding and sealing. With the widespread use of hot melt adhesives, the demand for hot melt adhesives equipment is also growing. For home appliances, such as televisions, DVDs, video cameras, many of the electronic components in them need to be positioned, which requires the hot melt glue machine to dispense a fixed amount of glue.

2. Automobile industry

Hot melt adhesives have many advantages and have various product types. They are widely used in the sealing of windshields in automobile manufacturing.

3. The filter industry

Hot melt glue has a wide range of application in air filters without separators, which can meet the physical and chemical properties of the material being bonded. In the manufacture of automotive air conditioning filters, most of them are hot melt adhesive bonding technology. In the manufacturing process of filter paper, such as folding, shaping, bonding filter frame, filling, sealing, etc. The hot melt glue machine is used for spraying and the application is very wide. The filter cartridge can be used in the production of automatic hot melt glue machine, which can save labor costs.

4. The cap bonding industry

Hot melt glue is widely used in the cap bonding industry, cosmetic caps, liquor caps, pendant bonding, etc. 

5. Non-woven fabric industry

In the manufacture of some household items, such as diapers, adult incontinence products and sanitary napkins,hot melt glue machinescan be used together with domestic and foreign equipment.

6. Packaging and packaging label industry

Hot melt glue equipment is widely used in the field of trademark paper, self-adhesive tape, double-sided tape, medical breathable tape and other fields.

7. Shoe material industry 

Hot melt glue spray machine is an indispensable assistant for the bonding of shoes.

8. Medical industry

Hot melt glue machine is applied to complete the hot infusion adhesive tape, non-woven breathable tape, self-adhesive wound dressing, perforated film tape and other medical dressings and medical protective clothing.

9. Clothing composite industry

Hot melt adhesive coating machine series products are commonly used in clothing coating composite industry. The quality of the clothes produced are with high efficiency and praised by customers.