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How to Choose Hot Melt Adhesive Machine?

At present, there are many types of hot-melt adhesive machines on the market, and there are also large differences in functions and specifications. So how to choose a hot-melt adhesive machine suitable for your own use? What problems should we pay attention to when choosing a hot melt adhesive machine?

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The gluing machine is used in this way and the efficiency is increased by a hundred times!

Hot melt adhesive machine is a comprehensive box which is without the hassle of a glue gun. This machine helps to improve the standard of productivity and overcome waste. It is a faster, efficient and the safest option rather than using a glue gun. It is manufactured to make packaging, assembly, binding and other tasks in no time. Hot melt glue machine safe almost 50% of the gluing costs because it does not waste the glue.

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Application field of hot melt adhesive replacement machine

Hot melt adhesive machines are widely used in various industries. In many industries, if there is a need for some coating or plastic product packaging, in order to save time and trouble, effectively improve work efficiency. Automated equipment hot melt adhesive machine is indispensable. The application in these industries is also worthy of attention. It can be used for automatic operation application by spraying, scraping, rolling, coating, and injection. Some household products, automotive industry, coating composite industry applications are the most common.

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Industry Development and Application of Automatic Dispensing Machine

Automotive mechanical parts coating, cell phone button dispensing, cell phone battery packaging, laptop battery packaging, coil dispensing, PCB board bonding sealant, IC sealant, speaker outer ring dispensing, PDA sealant, LCD sealant, IC packaging , IC bonding, case bonding, optical device processing, mechanical sealing, etc.

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A high-performance hot melt glue dispenser machine will become the new favorite!

The process that involves the melting of adhesives by glue guns is becoming popular day by day. The reason behind it is that it increases productivity ratio and reduces waste. With every day emerging out, its demand has increased. It is becoming a new favorite tor for everyone. OUSHIDA provides various multiple products for this purpose. Our products are made by keeping in view several objectives such as binding and packaging purposes. Our products ensure that you will get very fine and precise results.

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Automatic application of hot melt adhesive spraying in packaging industry

The application of hot melt spray equipment has been immersed in various fields of national economy. Especially for the packaging industry, the figure of hot melt adhesive is everywhere. In many cases, hot melt glue can effectively replace some mechanical joints and adhesive stitching at the interface, which provides a very effective way to simplify the process, save energy, reduce costs and improve economic benefits in the packaging production process.

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Application of hot melt glue machine in carton industry

The non-standard hot melt adhesive dispenser determines the type of dispensing equipment to be produced according to the quantity of production. In addition to the application in the paper box industry, there are many industries that need to be applied in hot melt adhesive. The non-standard hot melt adhesive equipment can produce a hot melt adhesive machine that meets the demand according to this product. For example, the electromagnetic furnace needs to be double glued internally, both silica gel and hot melt adhesive, Then our factory can produce a dispensing equipment with two dispensing valves to meet the requirements of dispensing, which is the non-standard function.

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A summary of the gluing machine buddies sold for 8 years, incisive sentences!

Suzhou Oushida Hot Melt Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in June 2 0 0 3, which is the largest technological joint venture specialized in hot melt glue machine research, development, production and sales, especially glue machines for sale. We have many branches in China to provide timely and quality services for our customers. Now Oushida has become a famous brand in China.

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Hot melt glue box height adjustment

Hot melt glue on the pot is too short to stick the label? What if the rubber strip is too long and a little wasteful? What to do if you want the can to pass through the machine without sticking the sticker? You can try to adjust the height of the hot melt glue box!

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Is cold glue really cheaper than hot glue?

Lockdown around the world because of coronavirus COVID-19 has got many of us opting for many DIY activities. Although the DIY projects are mostly a coping mechanism for those who are stuck at home but there are some people who actually like trying DIY activities.

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The cost difference between cold and hot glue?

Lockdown around the world because of coronavirus COVID-19 has got many of us opting for many DIY activities. Although the DIY projects are mostly a coping mechanism for those who are stuck at home but there are some people who actually like trying DIY activities. People who are familiar with DIY projects know that there is one important thing that can come in handy and that is glue. Either it is cold or hot glue, you need to have proper gluing equipment otherwise your DIY projects won’t be finished.

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