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Application Of Hot Melt Glue Machine In Furniture Industry

Nov. 28, 2018

From the late 1970s, furniture Hot Melt Glue Machine began to enter the wood industry for edge banding, plywood core, panel splicing, furniture splicing, etc. Early furniture hot melt machines mainly relied on the United States, West Germany, Italy, etc. With the maturity and stability of China's hot melt glue machines, the selection and use of hot melt glue machines suitable for the specific conditions of various furniture factories can not only improve the quality and grade of furniture, but also improve production efficiency and reduce boards. The difficulty of refurbishing and reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Future growth will be mainly achieved through technological advancement, including modern production technology, management and marketing, which is a competition at a higher level.

The characteristics of furniture hot melt adhesive on furniture are:

1, fast bonding, glue and bonding interval is only a few seconds, saw head and trimming can be completed in 24 seconds, no drying time, can be used for continuous, automated wood bonding line, greatly improving production Efficiency, saving plant costs.

2, wide use, suitable for bonding a variety of materials.

3, can be bonded several times, that is, coated on the wood hot melt adhesive, due to cooling and solidification did not meet the requirements, can be reheated for secondary bonding.

4. The solid content is 100%, and there is void filling property, which avoids the defects such as deformation, misalignment and shrinkage of the adherend due to edge curling, air bubbles and cracking. Because there is no solvent, the moisture content of the wood does not change and there is no danger of fire and poisoning.

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