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Ostar held the 2020 summer production safety conference

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In order to further standardize the agenda of regular meetings strengthen the company's safety management, enhance employees' safety awareness, improve office efficiency, better communicate and coordinate work, prevent and correct problems in the work, successfully complete the company's strategic goals, and establish and improve decision-making and management mechanisms Improve the company's performance and operation level, and ensure that the company's management work is standardized, efficient, and orderly implemented. Ostar one of the hot melt glue machine manufacturers, held the 2020 summer production safety conference.

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The meeting was chaired by Chairman Yu Wenmao. Mainly conduct a comprehensive summary, analysis and comment on safety production management, workshop hygiene management, enterprise employee management, corporate culture, and 6S management.

The meeting was conducted in the form of reports, reviews, summaries, plans, and replies.

Regular meeting content

1. Employee safety on duty and traffic safety during commuting

Chairman Yu Wenmao put forward through the case of the company, "The heads of the various departments of the company must pay attention to the safety education of employees before work and before work, and fully understand the importance of safe work of employees." Also pay attention to when traveling For your own safety, especially when you commute to peak hours, consciously abide by traffic rules, do not run through red lights or speed. Employees traveling on battery cars (or motorcycles) must wear helmets. (Since June 1, 2020, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice that the "one helmet and one wearing" safety guard operation will be carried out nationwide)

2. Workshop safety electricity management

Through daily supervision, the problem of electricity use has always been a weak link in the safety work of all units. The phenomenon of illegally receiving electricity has repeatedly been banned, and there are certain hidden safety hazards. To this end, all departments are strictly required to carry out serious and meticulous safety inspections on electrical lines, timely replacement of aging and damaged electrical lines, it is strictly forbidden to randomly connect the lines, to prevent the occurrence of various illegal electrical connections, and to achieve the standardization of electrical safety Claim.

3. On-site operation management

It is required to achieve the standardization and standardization of operations to prevent all kinds of accidents. Strengthen safety supervision, improve employees' sense of safety responsibility, and strengthen employees' sense of safety responsibility. Meet the requirements of job operation standardization and safety quality standardization. To this end, a series of "Safety Operation Rules" have been formulated.

4. Sanitation management of production workshop

Chairman Yu Wenmao put forward: "According to the implementation of the "Suzhou Municipal Waste Garbage Classification Management Regulations", as an enterprise, it is necessary to be a guard of "garbage separation" and strictly implement garbage classification and "Company Production Workshop Sanitation Management System."

That’s the basic introduction of our meeting,  as one of the hot melt glue machine manufacturers, If you encounter any problems about anything, please feel free to send us inquiry and we will do our best to assist you to solve the issue.