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Application of hot melt glue machine in carton industry

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Paper box industry dispensing 80% are hot-melt glue coating, why? The use of hot melt adhesive will not cause the paper box to warp, open and deform after bonding. More importantly, the long-term use of water-based adhesive will easily cause the operator to have physical problems, while the use of hot melt adhesive will not. In the paper box industry, the application requires closer contact of glue, and the use of hot melt adhesive will not have abnormal smell. Meet the modern carton bonding requirements.


Paper box industry gluing

At present, many cartons will use non-standard hot-melt adhesive dropper to complete the bonding, such as: soap box, moon cake box, make-up box, ordinary and large toy box, etc., will use hot-melt adhesive as the coating glue, the use of hot-melt adhesive will not affect the external shape of the box change, and hot-melt adhesive is non-toxic, harmless and odorless glue, with strong bonding effect, which can be used in the production of edible products There is no harm to human body when applying glue to cosmetics. It takes a long time to put it in the cosmetic box. It may not hurt human boady when using other types of glue, but it will change the nature of cosmetics, so it does not belong to this taste. It is not meaningful to use this kind of glue for bonding.


Type and function analysis of hot melt adhesive equipment

The non-standard hot melt glue dispenserincludes online hot melt glue dispenser, desktop hot melt glue dispenser and manual hot melt glue dispenser. Each dispensing equipment is applied to various industries. The manual hot melt glue dispenser is generally used for the application of makeup box glue, moon cake box glue and soap box glue; the desktop hot melt glue dispenser is generally used for hardware products, plastic parts and mobile phone protective shell; the online hot melt glue dispenser is generally used in the mobile phone industry and TV backplane, etc., the characteristics and performance of dispensing equipment determine the use of industry.


Hot melt adhesive equipment used in carton industry

The paper box industry basically adopts manual hot melt glue machine. The manual production mode is flexible. There is a very long heating and heat preservation tube. With a fiber gun, one employee can finish the coating of the cosmetic box. The same is true for the coating of the moon cake box and the soap box. The production mode of the manual dispensing equipment is simple and does not involve programming. The production is also relatively simple. In the paper box industry, there is no size with specifications, many manufacturers will choose a variety of specifications of cartons, the use of manual mode is flexible, do not need to change dispensing equipment often.


Function of heating protection tube

The heating protection pipe is made of high temperature resistant Teflon fiber material, which is made of pipe, heating pipe and heat insulation material. It has three layers of structure, which can not only ensure the stable transportation of hot-melt adhesive, but also prevent users from being scalded. Using the hot-melt adhesive fiber gun can also control the glue quantity. One hand holds the product, the other hand holds the glue gun, which can be used to glue the moon cake box, lightly coating, and then Bonding is simple and fast. Manual hot melt glue machine parts have a very long service life, including hot melt glue fiber gun and heat preservation pipe.

Hot Melt Glue Machine


The non-standard hot melt adhesive dispenser determines the type of dispensing equipment to be produced according to the quantity of production. In addition to the application in the paper box industry, there are many industries that need to be applied in hot melt adhesive. The non-standard hot melt adhesive equipment can produce a hot melt adhesive machine that meets the demand according to this product. For example, the electromagnetic furnace needs to be double glued internally, both silica gel and hot melt adhesive, Then our factory can produce a dispensing equipment with two dispensing valves to meet the requirements of dispensing, which is the non-standard function.