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Hot melt glue box height adjustment

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Hot melt glue on the pot is too short to stick the label?

What if the rubber strip is too long and a little wasteful?

What to do if you want the can to pass through the machine without sticking the sticker?

You can try to adjust the height of the hot melt glue box!


The higher the rubber box is, the more the rubber wheel is higher than the guide rail, and the longer the hot-melt adhesive strip on the pot is. Generally, as long as the length of the rubber strip on the pot is between 1 and 2cm, the label can be taken normally, after all, what is saved is earned.

Prepare a long 4mm Allen wrench. There are four screws in the four holes under the rubber box against the rubber box. Screw up or loosen the screws down to fine tune the height of the four points of the rubber box.

Be careful of hot hand ~ you can move the plastic box left and right for convenience. This photo was taken by a machine without side plates. Generally, it needs to be adjusted from above. Be careful of hot hand and power line of heating plate

How to see whether the adhesive force of hot melt adhesive is normal:

Take a newly pasted can and tear off the label to take up the paper cover. As shown in the figure below, the adhesive force is better. If the paper cover cannot be taken up, the adhesive force of hot-melt adhesive is not very good.

If the hot-melt adhesive is sticky when tearing the label, the hot-melt adhesive does not cool enough (the pot is too hot when it comes out of the pot, the rubber strip is too thick when the scraper is jacked up, the temperature controller is set too high, or the environment is too hot)


If there is oil, water (damp), too cold or the temperature is too low on the label or can, when tearing the label, one side of the label will be found with poor adhesion.


The other is that the hot-melt adhesive itself is OK, but the head is too low or the belt is too high, so the pressure of the tank at the head is insufficient, and the adhesive force is not good, and the label cannot be lifted (for example, the switch of the supporting label plate is not on the upper position, and the head of the label is not automatically filled too low, so the light tank is out)


The poor adhesion of hot-melt adhesive directly shows that it can't bear to mark the light pot, the head is pulled askew when drawing the label, the end of the label cannot be drawn out, and the label card left when the pot comes out.

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