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3 OSD-880 PUR Hot Melt Glue Machines will be shipped to Vietnam

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Good news! Our loyal customer Softide has ordered 3 OSD-880 PUR Hot Melt Glue Machines from us to use them in newly-established factory in Vietnam.

PUR Hot Melt Glue Machines


Softide adds non-contact mechanical sensors to the traditional electric bed, applies big data and cloud computing to the field of healthy sleep. Softide products smart beds with our machines to help customers improve sleep quality and keep their health.


It focuses on producing high-quality mattress which requires PUR glue. Ordinary hot melt glue machine can only bear high temperature about 100 degrees Celsius but PUR hot melt glue can bear high temperature to 150 degrees Celsius. Ordinary hot melt glue can only bear low temperature about 20 minus Celsius but PUR hot melt glue can bear low temperature to 50 minus degrees Celsius. PUR hot melt is flexible and environmentally-friendly. It’s fireproof and waterproof performance is excellent as well. PUR hot melt glue is the best hot melt glue till now so that products made of PUR glue can be more competitive. Cooperated with us for so many years, Softide always trusts us in our hot melt glue machine and technology so that they ordered 3 OSD-880 PUR Hot Melt Glue Machines to ship to their new factory in Vietnam.


OSD-880 PUR Hot Melt Glue Machine is widely used in automobile headlight and taillight, windshield, car-door manufacturing and auto-interior, air filter, caps, footwear making, electronic toys, medical protective clothing, non-woven composite and other breathable lamination products. Supporting equipment to the Hot melt adhesive spraying and roller coating composite equipment.


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