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OSD-104PM Hot Melt Glue Machine

 1) Small light, multiple-function, and space-saving.  2) Mist Spraying in vamp, inner, heel of shoes. 3) Optional scraper nozzle (2-10mm wide) can replace double-sided tape.

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Adopt PID digital temperature control in Chinese and English, intuitive and convenient operation, high-precision K-type temperature sensor, accurate temperature control.

Progressive pre-heating melting tank design, first into the first melt, coated with Teflon anti-stick coating, energy consumption, reduce the phenomenon of plastic carbonization, can maintain the best quality of glue.

Each temperature zone independently controls temperature regulation, segmental heating, temperature zone parameters, and Chinese digital cycle display.

Heat preservation standby setting function, according to the actual production requirements to set the insulation temperature, to prevent rubber carbonation, External chassis design, beautiful and generous, but also easy to repair and maintence.

The glue spraying speed is fast, the strength is strong, stable and even.

The plastic way: spiral spray and point, hit the strip.

Technical Parameters

Hopper Capacity5kg
Melt Rate5kg/h
Rang of Temperature<=250℃
Overall Size550mm*300mm*650mm