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What Should We Do If There Is A Problem With The Automatic Dispenser?

Nov. 24, 2018

The High Speed Automatic Glue Dispenser is a necessity for modern industrial automation production. Anyone who has contacted the automatic dispensing machine knows that the structure of the automatic dispensing machine is relatively complicated. It is composed of two parts of software and hardware, so the automatic dispensing machine is Many problems will inevitably occur during use. Then there is a problem with the automatic dispenser. How do we deal with it? Let’s listen to the analysis of the Hot Melt Glue Machine Manufacturer!

8 kinds of common faults in automatic dispensers, will you deal with them?

1, UV glue (UV curing glue):

Make sure to use black tubing. Do not directly add UV glue to the old UV glue of the pressure cylinder, first release the original UV glue, and then pour the UV glue into the empty pressure cylinder. The UV glue in the pressure cylinder will often generate bubbles after a period of time. Causes the rubber to be unstable.

2, the needle:

In general, a needle smaller than the 20th may cause an air problem - dripping or sag. Try to use a larger general metal needle or a tapered oblique needle to avoid the use of a wrap or Teflon needle s.

3. The automatic dispenser speed is too slow:

If the flow rate is too slow, change the line from 1/4" to 3/8". If the pipeline is not needed, the shorter the better. In addition to changing the tube, it is also necessary to change the glue port and air pressure, so that the flow rate is completely accelerated.

4. Bubbles in the fluid:

Excessive fluid pressure, if too short a valve opening time, may leak air into the liquid. The solution is to reduce fluid pressure and use a tapered oblique needle.

5, epoxy (expoxy) cleaning:

If possible, try to clean each Shift with a normal toluene solvent storage pressure cylinder. The more often it is cleaned, the better.

6, instant glue (quick dry glue) blocked in the valve connector and pipeline:

This situation is mainly due to excessive moisture or repeated use of instant glue. Be sure to use fresh instant glue to thoroughly clean the tubing with Aceton Acetone without moisture. The air used should be dry and install a filter between the plant air pressure and the valve system. If it is invalid, nitrogen should be used).

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